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August 23, 1910 - September 13, 2009

Lonny was my mother's cousin and played major league baseball from 1933 - 1948.
Lonny had a long, successful career. He was part of the famed "Jungle Club" of the 1939 Cincinnati Reds, so named for how they "prowled" the infield.
He was a three time All-Star, had two World Series 
and is in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame.
Lonny also played in the major league's first All-Star Game in 1939.
Lou Gehrig was the American League's honorary team captain that year.
The game was played just a few days after Lou Gehrig gave his famous,
"I'm the luckiest guy on the face of the earth" speech at Yankee Stadium.
At the end of his career, Lonny was Yogi Berra's roommate and tasked with keeping him from eating too much pasta and junk food!
Before Lonny passed away in 2009, he was the second oldest living major league ballplayer and the oldest living all-star.


1939 All Star Game Highlights

The order of events in the video are below -
Lonny hits an RBI double at about 1:10

Crowd at Yankee stadium. SCU same. National League team. Paul Derringer of Cincinnati who will be starting pitcher for NL, spits chaw of tobacco. Red Ruffing of Yankees, starter for Al. Mr. And Mrs., Ford Frick. Tris Speaker. Walter Johnson. Judge Landis. Landis with McCarthy and Hartnett. Mrs. Lefty Gomez with camera. Mrs. Gomez and Mrs. Lou Gehrig, Lou is the non-playing captain of AL team. Lou Gehrig with umpires. Crowd. Hack of NL singles. Lonnie Frey hits double to score Vaughn who had advanced on Hack's single. AL fan Bert Lahr bites nails. Hank Greenberg of Al singles. Joe Gordon gets through on NL error as Greenberg scores. Crowd. Joe DiMaggio, AL's leading hitter with 435 average, hits home run. Crowd. Mel Ott singles to load bases for NL. Feller gets Arky Vaughn to hit into double play. Crowd on field at end of game.

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56 mom and Lonny at wrigley field copy_1.jpg

Mom and Lonny at Wrigley Field - 1936

Pictures and newspaper clippings of Lonny acquired from the
Cooperstown Museum in New York

Thanks to my sister, Anne and her husband Marty for getting these items from the museum.

Lonny and Mary - 1935

Lonny and trainer

Lonny called safe.jpg

The Reds infield was dubbed
"The Jungle Cats"
by the press.

The Reds win the 1939 NL pennant.
Lonny is on the left, second from the front.

The Reds win the 1940 World Series.
Lonny is #11.

Lonny took a break from baseball.
He wore a different uniform from 1943 - 1945.

Lonny would spend a month or so at my Grandpa Frank and Grandma Gertrude's "farm" in Minnesota
during the off-season. He'd help out with the chores and do a little hunting with my mom.

Antiques Road Show
Lonny's son, Tom Frey, with some of Lonny's baseball memorabilia.

Bill Werber was a friend and teammate and writes about Lonny in his book.
(click on book for excerpt)

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